When Jesus met a thirty-eight years old man by a pool named Bethesda, the message he passed across indicated that he chose to defy the focus of a local legend about healing from a stirred water.

Jesus wanted us to know that faith in materials, wristbands, handkerchief, holy water, or salt are a misplaced superstition.

Jesus swept aside all superstitions and bypassed the need for magic water with one command to the man, “Get up! Pick up your mat and walk” (John 5:8).

For thirty eight years, this man hinged his faith on an attempt to step into a troubled water for his healing.

So he blamed the fact that he was never healed on his tardiness in getting into the water.

But when Jesus healed him, a blessing meant to increase faith only increased the blindness of the Jewish leaders who were more interested in keeping the Law of the Sabbath.

Jesus wanted the man to know that he did not need quicker reflexes or beneficent angels or enchanted water.

What he needed was Jesus!

Those of you going to places where they give you “special water,” “salt,” or “apron,” you don’t need those things.

What you need is Jesus!

Just a word, “You are healed!” is all you need to fix that problem.

Stop going from church to church, prophet to prophet, prayer house to prayer house.

Get to the Word! Your healing is in the Word, not in those things.

If you get healed by those mediums or materials, those things will be the object of your faith, not Jesus.

Meaning, you will keep relying on them to keep your healing. And you know what that means? Idolatry!

You’re idolatrous!

Check the lives of the people that got healed from these mediums through questionable prophets; they usually suffer such ailments the moment they stop using those items.

Meaning, those items were the object Satan used to replace Jesus in their life.

That is idolatry!

Instead of seeing Jesus when they’re faced with an issue, they rush to rub anointing oil on their body, bath with holy water, or put on wristband.

The Bible says, “Look unto Jesus, the author and finisher of FAITH…”

Did you notice that I deliberately removed “OUR” to the “FAITH” in that passage?

The original rendering is the way I put it. Jesus is the author of “faith,” not “our faith.”

That passage isn’t referring to our faith. It’s referring to the word of faith, which is the Gospel.

Jesus is the author of the word of faith. And the word of faith is the Gospel.

Meaning, the Gospel is the object of our faith. There are different types of faith.

The scripture says that God has dealt with every man the measure of faith.

Meaning, every man, believer or non believer, has faith.

In Mark 11:24 Jesus said, “Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”

How did an unbeliever have the faith to know that he’d get the job after the interview?

There’s a little faith in everyone. It is this little faith that prompted us to believe the Gospel when Jesus was first preached to us.

So Jesus doesn’t want us to put our faith in mediums, because if we do, he will no longer be the object of our faith and the Gospel will not be the source of our faith.

Everywhere, pseudo-churches are springing up to present to men alternatives to the Gospel of faith.

And these alternatives completely remove Jesus as the object of the people’s faith.

Holy water or water of life, salt, anointing oil, handkerchief, or wristband are presented as the alternatives to the faith Gospel.

Do these people get healed? Yes, they do. But the Lord is not the author of the faith they have.

Their faith is in the so-called pseudo-prophet or the materials he gives to them for their healing.

A word is enough for the wise. If your faith is in mediums and materials, it means you don’t salvation.

Salvation comes by faith in Jesus Christ.