Christians, It’s time to protect yourself

In the wake of the rise of insurgency and terror attack by Islamic extremists, several churches rose up to the need for a security check system that ensures the safety of parishioners.

Churches and church leaders are heavily protected with armoured tanks, security gadgets, cameras and the presence of combined team of security personnels and military men.

This is the extent the church in Nigeria have gone to defend lives and properties while worshipping God in church.

Now if this is true, if a community or even a believer who lives in an environment that is prone to jihadist attacks decides to adopt measures to defend himself, why do some people retort him or her with, “The weapons of our welfare are not carnal?”

Isn’t this hypocrisy?

This reveals how foolish some people have become with the Bible. They don’t even know that God supports “government by force” as a state policy against those who stand as threat to the state.

While senior pastors of church congregations are fortifying their lives and that of their immediate family members with armed police men, they’re asking church members to pray with the book of Psalm for their protection.

Prophet Isa El-Buba Sadiq, a fiery northern based preacher of the Gospel has called on Christians in the North to brace up and show strength in the face of the current elimination of Christians by Islamic jihadists.

Don’t let anyone blackmail you with, “The weapons of our welfare are not carnal…”

To interpret that scripture this way in such instance is to be in error. Don’t allow anyone to use your life to experiment their misinterpretation of the scripture.

Believe God to protect you. But also have your own security measures in place. Get guns and face the attackers, he advised.

All Christians in parts of the North where Islamic jihadist are rampaging must get guns and weapons now and face the terrorists.